Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finally...Asleep in His Highchair

Awww, my sleepy baby!

When I saw pictures like this in the past, I thought, Sebby will NEVER be one of those babies! In his highchair he is usually either screaming "more" or trying to get out. 

I was giving him his lunch in the kitchen, while multitasking on a few other things including trying to find an important "missing" email. The wifi wasn't working in the kitchen so I stepped out while my page was loading.  I went back in and found him asleep in his chair! 

So cute! 

I decided not to move him because he might not go back to sleep and he really needs this nap. I let him sleep too much yesterday and we both paid the price last night because he had a terrible sleep. He's tired today so I'm one good nap (this one!) will get him through the rest of the day but then he'll be ready for a sound sleep tonight.

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