Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sebby's 1st Birthday Party!

Having Sebby as part of our family over the past year has been a tremendous blessing. He brings so many smiles, laughs and heart warming moments to our days. We truly enjoy having him around and can hardly imagine our lives without him.

It was such fun to celebrate Sebby's first year of life! I wasn't sure if we should go through the effort of organizing a party that he wouldn't remember but in the end, decided that it would be fun to do something low key and celebratory.

It ended up being an even smaller party than I had envisioned but it was perfect! We had brunch, played with balloons & opened presents. It was all over within an hour and a half, which was just right for a birthday boy of this age.

We snapped a few cute pictures throughout the morning...

Sebby's cousins were visiting from Canada so they got to come to the party. Camdyn (4) was helping make chocolate chip pancakes. Not hard to tell that his parents are chefs...he came into the kitchen & asked for an apron then started flipping pancakes!

Candyn eagerly waiting to dig into the brunch. My brother, Patrick, was visiting and put together some lovely fruit trays.

Sebby showing off his first ever piece of cake! The adults didn't love the vegan, gluten free, sugar-free spice cake but he liked it! 

"Oooh, new books!" 
 Cam helped Sebby open presents.

Such fun playing with cousins Cam (4) & Isla (10 months).

At dinner we lit the candles on Sebby's cake. He loved grabbing at them.

What a great 1st birthday party!!!

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ols said...

OH, happy belated 1st birthday, Sebby!

And happy one year of parenthood, Tara and Darren! Reading your most recent post makes me really look forward to watching Allie grow. Little people are so fascinating! =)