Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Belated 11 Month Birthday to Sebby!

Where is the year going? Sebby will be 1 in just under a month and it seems that every month he becomes more fun!

Sebby has developed a real interest in books over the past few weeks. Before, books were of very little interest to him unless they were newspapers or magazines that he could rip up and eat. Maybe his love of paper was just the beginning as often when we leave him in a room, we will go back in to find him looking at books on his own. Daddy and Momma read to him every day and since we have gotten tired of our books already, we have been taking out library books for him. 

He loves books about babies and puppies, especially books that have things to touch or little flaps hiding part of the picture. Unfortunately, he's still a little too rough to play with those kinds of books on his own and we have found a few little flaps ripped out.

Sebby has been discovering some new foods and has found a new one to add to his favourites list: asparagus. We were a little bit surprised that he likes it but he seems to love it except for the best part...the tips!

We were also surprised to find out that he liked octopus!

He is becoming so much more talkative, babbling throughout the day. It seems that he loves to hear the sound of his voice, especially in places where there is an echo. He often screams loudly in excitement then does it over and over because he loves the reaction he gets. When we step out of the flat, he gets particularly excited and chatty also, screaming as I lock the door.

Exploring at the Alhambra in Spain

I taught him the word banana one day, and now he has decided that all food is called banana and when he wants to eat, he usually says "na na, na, na" loudly. Otherwise, he says "mo" (more) if he wants to eat something but he uses the word more for a lot of things. If he wants to eat or drink more, if he wants to read more books or play more of a game. He also asks for milk and in the morning now asks to read books as soon as he finishing drinking.

Ordering food in Malaga

He is starting to learn about animals and the sounds that they make. He can say that a cow goes "moo" and can also say "dog" and "bird". Birds and dogs are, of course, his favourite animals! As we walk, he looks around keenly for dogs, then kicks his legs and makes noises, wanting to get down nearer to them.

Looking at the turkeys at the farm where we stayed in Spain

Sebby is very gracious and flexible even when we can't keep up his routine and we put him to bed hours after his normal bedtime during our travels.

He still naps well in his carrier! (Can't even tell he is with us sometimes).

He is interested in learning about people and the world around him! We prayed for this since before he was born and continue to pray this for him. He's quite the charmer too...he blew kisses to many waitresses on our trip!

Since we don't have stairs in our flat, he finally had an opportunity to learn how to crawl up and down stairs at the Cathedral in Granada.

We know that God gave us the perfect little boy for our family!

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