Monday, November 21, 2011

Sebby's Faves from Spain

We just returned home from another adventure in traveling. We pray that Sebby will somehow remember these experiences even though he is so young. If not, at least he will be able to look at the pictures and we will remind him of some of his favourite moments:

The Cathedral in Granada

We decided to go inside the cathedral so that Sebby could have an opportunity to be out of the carrier for awhile. He LOVED it! He tired himself out crawling around the vast marble floors and even had an opportunity to try going up stairs for the first time! 

His clacker

We decided to buy Sebby a small, inexpensive toy to help entertain him during our travels. We got the little clacker you see him clutching here. 

We didn't manage to capture him waving it violently in the air but that's probably because we were attempting to stand back, hoping he wouldn't whack us with it!

Farm Animals

We spent our last two nights at a farm in the Alpujarra mountains as a relaxing way to end our vacation. Sebby really enjoyed watching the animals, especially the chickens!

Hanging Out With Daddy

Sebby enjoyed having Daddy around play with him so much. It was a week full of giggles and boy games (slightly dangerous, noisy or rough) that Momma doesn't play. Here they are checking out the donkey at the farm where we stayed.

Overall, we really enjoyed our time in Spain, despite the late night dinners that were a little bit tough on our North American baby who is in bed by 8pm...exactly the time that restaurants are open for dinner. Just try to find something to eat between 5pm and 8pm in Spain - impossible!

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