Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seb Rolls!

I'll admit that some days I don't "tummy time" when I'm home with Seb although I try to remember every day. When he was smaller, I found it difficult to do because he began protesting almost as soon as I would set him down so I would have to be right there to distract him. Thankfully, Darren was really disciplined with putting Seb on his chest every morning and giving him a few minutes on the floor almost every evening. 

Darren & Seb's hard work paid off last Wednesday when we saw his first tummy to back roll!

It was so cute to see him teetering on his tummy then just flip right over on to his back. It seemed so simple and almost accidental, he just happened to have his hands in position above his head so that he was clear to roll.

Darren was so excited to see Sebby roll that he clapped loudly & exclaimed, "Yay Sebby!" which was enough to scare Sebby so much that he started crying loudly. Some friends said that the first roll was so traumatizing that they didn't see another until a month later so I was really excited when he rolled three times in a row yesterday!

It's so much fun to watch Sebby learn and develop new skills! This week he also giggled for the first time. Can't wait to see what he does next!

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