Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today it was 8 degrees and sunny... I love Calgary winters!

This afternoon, Darren got out the stroller seat and we gave the stroller another try. Up until today we had only ever used the stroller with the bassinet or carseat adapters, however since Seb really dislikes being in the carseat so we ended up using the stroller very infrequently this winter. Now that he is almost 3 months and his head is pretty sturdy we though he was ready for the big boy seat!

I love our Quinny!

Looks like Seb loves it too!


Silas said...

in the second picture he looks so frickin happy!! hahaha

Tarren said...

He was probably SO happy that we weren't strapping him into the carseat (which he hates!) and attaching that to the stroller like we usually do!