Saturday, October 16, 2010

We have a doula!!!

Today we met with a potential doula. After our last, very disappointing, meeting with a potential doula we were unsure of what to expect this time. We thought/hoped this meeting would be a positive experience because she had been recommended by some friends from church and she goes to our church. We had met her a few times before and she seemed nice.

It turned out to be a great meeting! In contrast to the other doula we had met, Meghan was really confident and friendly. As we talked and got to know her better, she really seemed like the kind of person I would like to have around during LTs birth. As soon as we said goodbye to her, I told Darren that I would like to hire her. The other bonus is that she is in training to become certified as a doula and is charging a really reduced rate (thanks Vaness for the suggestion!).

I was so happy that I almost skipped home from our favourite coffee shop down the street where we had met her. As soon as we got home, I messaged her to say that we would like to have her as our doula. She responded within a few minutes to say that she would LOVE to be our doula.

I'm so thankful that we will have someone there to support us as I hope to have a natural birth!


Vanessa said...

First - YAY! So glad you found a doula that you can trust and click with! Hopefully that aids in a better birth experience!

Second - only 65 days!?!?! that's insane. Praying for you guys.

emily said...

hey Tar!
so happy that you're happy :)
when you say "natural" do you mean vaginal or without drugs?
does a doula replace nurses or doctors, or just support you and darren?
I think I know it's the latter but some definitions I've heard have varied.

Tarren said...

@ Vaness - Thanks! We're excited. 65 days seems so short yet so long.

@ Em - Natural= both w/o drugs and vaginal.

The doula is a support person. They are not medically trained and don't replace a nurse or doctor. They are there for support, to provide info before the birth (help you make a birth plan). During labour they do things like pressure points & massage and help you stick to your birth plan.