Monday, October 25, 2010

LT Is In Position & Hopefully Staying There

This morning we had our last opportunity to see LT before he's born at my 32 week ultrasound. Yes, I wrote "he"... today we received a fourth separate confirmation that LT is a boy!!! At this point it would be pretty surprising if for some reason all the radiologists & techs turned out to be wrong and he was a girl.

It was amazing to see how much he's grown since our last ultrasound in August! He's beginning to get cramped in there as he continues to grow bigger and bigger.

As I saw how he is positioned, I understood exactly how his position is related to the kicks and movements that I am feeling. He is head down with his head slightly to the left, his spine curved across my abdomen with his feet upwards towards my right side.

- I notice the majority of his movements by where his feet are, on the right side of my stomach.

- It often feels like he is pushing on my bladder. The ultrasound confirmed that his head is right next to my bladder so he is pushing on it! Today his hands were also up by his head, he probably punches my bladder from time to time as he moves his little hands around.

Having had the opportunity to see LT so many times already has been awesome and I'm so excited to meet him in person in a few weeks. I still wonder what he'll look like...will he have lots of hair, will his skin be dark or light, will he look more like Darren or like me? These are questions that ultrasounds can't answer.

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