Saturday, July 14, 2012


Well we're back on the "rainy Isle" and I'm back on here, at least for a few days. We actually returned last Sunday and just as I thought I was getting adjusted, I came down with a cold. Thankfully I'm feeling better now and we've been able to get out to enjoy the glimpses of sunshine that seem to appear every once in awhile.

We had an awesome time in PEI!

My parents place is a wonderland for children and it was so refreshing to get out of the city and watch Sebby discover a real love for the country. These were a few of his favourite things:

He rode the rocking horse most mornings and evenings.

The Piano
He played on his own but also enjoyed doing duets with Daddy, cousin Isla & uncle Matt.

The Chicks & The Bunny
He asked to see them every morning as soon as he woke up and multiple times throughout the day. Sadly, about a week after our arrival, a weasel broke into the chicken house at night & gobbled up all the chicks.

Uncle Matt & The Tractor
At least once a day, he would convince someone to take him to see the tractor. He even got a few rides on it while Grampie was working on the garden. Here he's walking over to it with  Uncle Matt, one of his favourite people to play with.

Helping Grammie and Grampie measure the distance between the drills before planting.

The Beach
Oh, what fun to play on the sand and in the water!

Darren has shared some more amazing shots from our trip on his blog! Check him out @

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