Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seb's Fourth Month

Looking back, this past month has been the most difficult for me although this month has been very exciting for Sebby in terms of development...


Sebby's neck is becoming increasingly strong, he now holds it up without a problem. I can even carry him on my hip!

He rolled from belly to back several times this month and has been doing what looks like a "v sit," pulling his head and chest forward while sitting. Seems like he is getting ready to sit on his own next.

He is doing much better with tummy time, even hanging out and resting on his arms like in this picture.


We've had a rough month when it comes to sleep. Seb got his first set of vaccinations and developed a fever, which kept him up at night a lot for several nights. Since his fever, he has not slept more than 4 consecutive hours. Unfortunately, most nights over the past month involved hourly awakenings. Thankfully, we figured out and resolved some issues complicating his sleep and now we are likely mostly dealing with a habit of night wakings. We will be taking steps to increase the length of Sebby's sleep over the next few weeks and praying that we see huge improvements in this area!


Sebby has become much more vocal over the past few weeks and has learned to make many interesting sounds.

He now takes breaks from eating to tell momma long stories but his favourite person to talk to is his tiger, while sitting in his chair, he will chat with Mr Tiger for up to an hour.


We heard Sebby's first giggle about two weeks ago. He was hanging out in our room one morning, chattering happily and then all of a sudden, he giggled. So cute! When Daddy plays airplane, peek a boo and other games with Sebby, he giggles with excitement.

We're having so much fun with our little big boy and learning lots along the way. We look forward to what his fifth month has in store.

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