Friday, February 8, 2013

And We Scoot...

A little update on our "leaving the house earlier" strategy so that Sebby can walk ....


If I leave early and allow Sebby time to walk until he is tired, he happily asks to get into the stroller and arrives a happy camper! On the way home, he asks to get in the stroller a lot sooner (within 5 minutes of leaving usually) and often falls asleep for a half hour nap.

I'm so thankful to have a happier traveler.

So far I have managed to always leave early enough to let him walk when we're going to need to take the stroller. After someone commented on my previous post, I realized that I neglected to explain that we walk far and we walk a lot. We don't have a car so we walk or take transit everywhere.

That strategy was specific to outings that are "far" for Sebby, a half hour walk or more one way. 

For shorter outings, Sebby does great walking or taking his scooter. He always wants to take his scooter when we go out and has gotten really good on it. He hardly falls over and is happy to scoot or get pulled along when he's tired. He can do fifteen to twenty minutes each way on the scooter without a problem.

Yesterday he really wanted to take the scooter to church. I knew that was probably "too far" because it is a half hour walk each way but I agreed to let him try. We made it over half way then he started crying and asking for me to pick him up. 

I didn't pick him up because carrying Sebby and Ophelia both is just too heavy for me so I told him he could either walk or stand on the scooter. He alternated between the two and I was happy that we made it to church in plenty of time for my Mums Bible Group although there were a few tears and quite a bit of whining. I was very thankful that a friend was able to drive us on the way back because it would have been a long, slow walk home.

Next week we'll take the stroller. He's making excellent progress on his scooter but the church is still too far away.

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