Friday, October 12, 2012

Ophelia Birth Story Part 3

No more than 2 minutes after Ophelia was born, our midwife, Ann rushed in. She was probably parking her car as Ophelia was entering the world. She had tried to get her as fast as possible but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. She was thrilled that everything had gone so smoothly and said quietly to me that it was probably nicer that we got to go through the experience on our own anyways.

She began sorting through the homebirth kits, pulling out cord clamps, scissors and other tools she would need. A few minutes later she clamped the cord then passed Darren the scissors so he could cut it. We called our friend who was watching Sebby and told her she could bring him back. We also called our friend and neighbour, Anna, to tell her the news (she squealed in excitement and woke up her two kids!) and said she was welcome to come by. (Her husband was the friend who had helped fill the pool).

Just then the buzzer rang and midwife number 2 rushed in. She was the "backup" midwife that the hospital had dispatched when they found out that Ann was at another birth. She was a little disappointed that she had missed all the action but decided to stay to help Ann finish up the paperwork, check Ophelia and help me deliver the placenta.

A few minutes later, the buzzer rang and in rushed midwife number 3, the "backup" that the "backup" had called when she found out that we lived on the opposite side of the city. She thought that her colleague may have a chance to get to our place quicker so she asked her to come.

Still hanging out in the pool at that point, I called my sister, Krista on Skype to tell her the news since my parents weren't home. We talked for a few minutes then I hung up as Anna arrived, followed shortly after by Sebby and Joyce who had been watching him.

Anna held Ophelia and introduced her to Sebby as he arrived. They were out in the entry so I didn't see or hear what was happening but Darren said that as soon as Sebby saw her, he exclaimed, "WOW!"

 While Sebby was meeting Ophelia, the midwives asked me to stand up to deliver the placenta. I was a little bit confused about why they wanted me to stand but quickly understood because as soon as I stood, there was a big gush of blood (up until that point there was barely any blood at all) and out came the placenta. They took the placenta away then helped me up out of the pool and on to the couch where they helped me get dressed. They then handed Ophelia back to me so that she could rest on my chest and enjoy a little "skin to skin" with her momma.

A few minutes later, the buzzer rang yet again and in rushed a paramedic. Apparently the hospital had called them after Darren had told them that the baby was coming then hung up. They had been super busy, though, and so only arrived at our place an hour and a half after the call had been placed. Thankfully we didn't need them so the midwives sent her away pretty quickly.

With the paperwork complete and Mom and baby doing fine, the midwives and guests left to let us settle in as a family of four. Darren read a few stories to Sebby and Ophelia then put Sebby to bed. Too high on adrenaline to sleep, we began cleaning up our flat. I picked up towels and threw them in the laundry, Darren finished emptying and putting away the pool then put our living room back together.

When everything was in order, we sat down to eat (we hadn't eaten since lunch at Crazy Wok) and try calling our parents again. We talked to his parents first and they were pretty surprised to hear that Ophelia was born. My parents were less surprised but equally excited to chat, as my siblings had filled them in on the news already.

Darren, Ophelia & I finally got tucked in for the night at around 2am, still a bit high from the excitement of the day but with tired bodies from all that had been done.

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